Understanding the mind

The mind is a very complex, sophisticated piece of equipment but we all have one and we have a choice about how it behaves. Now, seeing this for ourselves is a tricky business because the mind that wants to know what is going on is operating in a different way to the mind that is simply experiencing what is going on. I will be attempting to explore some of this in my next few posts if possible - once you get the mind tamed, feeling good becomes your buoyant state of being.

The first step in this rather complex deconstruction is accepting that the mind is painting a picture for us about the world that we can understand and relate to. This picture is biased in a number of different ways but the main bias is to hide the fact that we are not the centre of the universe and we are not going to be here forever. You can see this bias by recording some thoughts: we are nearly constantly thinking about ourselves. This offers us some light relief about some the things we might worry about - how we look, what we might have said, whether we are liked or not. These things are kind of pointless for us to worry about because everyone is simply worrying about themselves too much to be bothered worrying about you. So relax!

Anyway, the basic point of the mind is to create a story for us to believe in. This is a kind of magic trick - what is actually going is quite, quite different. That's probably enough for this post as I know you've probably got better things to think about - namely yourself ....


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