Allow the mind to drop into bliss

I've come to the conclusion that letting go is the key that unlocks many liberating doors. If you want to keep your quest for happiness simple, just let go. Indeed, let go of the person who is even trying to let go - and then let go some more, right down to the bottom of the euphoric well of pleasantness.

Ah, more gobbledygook nonsense I hear you say. Give me something simple, more practical, to work with.

So, here we are. We wake up in the morning and we start thinking. We think all through the day and then we go back to bed again, trying to let go of our thoughts. We are locked in a struggle with our minds, fighting a process we cannot see. We need an alternative, a new perspective. Luckily, there is one available right beneath our neck - our bodies.

We take a deep breath in and, as we exhale, we allow the attention to drop into our bodies. As our attention drops so does the tension in our heads that keeps the thoughts running round - you might not feel it immediately, but there can be an incredible amount of tension in our heads just keeping our thoughts going round. By relaxing into the body, there is a palpable sense of dropping something, of letting go - that's why we tell people to drop it when they go on about stuff - we know intuitively that they are holding on, that they need to relax their muscles and put it down.

So we relax into the body and the mind drops. As the mind drops into a deeper sense of awareness, we start to feel good. If we carry on, a natural state of bliss pervades the body and mind. It's as simple as that. The first step always starts with the body - it is our best friend in this regard - it is the gateway to letting go. Start there, and then continue.


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