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Saturate the body with happiness

Every month I like to give myself a little exercise or mantra to work with. This is what I am going to be exploring next month. The body is an amazing thing (also quite annoying when it goes wrong, but let's stick to the good bits) and it is chock full of nerves and sensations. Most of the time we ignore these things, and we can also numb them out by tensing our muscles. Unfortunately we are unconsciously tensing our muscles all the time, but if we relax we can open up to the full gamut of information coursing through our system. Initial attempts at relaxation can result in showering sensations of rapture or surging ecstasy, possibly even shaking and delicate tingling of pleasure. Once these subside we can fully relax into things and feel a deep sense of happiness in every cell of our body. If you wanted a feel good technique then this is it. It cures most poopoo  moods and sets you up nicely to experience the body as something akin to pure light.

Follow your own path

There is no other way really. I have forgotten what it's like to live a normal life but there is no normal really. Discover something better than normal. Discover yourself.

Everything in the mind

Literally everything we experience, we experience through the mind. The good news is that the mind is 100% adaptable - we can change it. This means that if the world looks wonky then we can alter our mind to make it look a bit more super fantastic. You might not believe this is true but it is.

The first step in taking your mind under control is to see the mind at work - this is a bit tricky since we are using our minds all the time. One way is to take a step back, drop down and relax. Then relax some more until we are calm, and letting things go. Then, anything that appears in your awareness is the mind at work - marvel at its ability to twist and turn, to get lost, to create ideas, to get agitated, to make up stories, to see things, hear things, imagine things, feel things.

The mind is creating it all.

Surrender into the greater space and bear witness to phenomena

Every month I write a little message in my notebook suggesting what I might look into relaxation wise. Here's one about surrender and witnessing. Nothing more to say really, other than it is interesting to investigate this concept of internal space in the mind. Does your mind feel spacious? If not, or if you can't see any space at all, then what happens if you take mental step back to look at what is going on? What do you step back into? Then, what happens if you relax further into that space behind the thoughts? How big does it get? Then, where is the real you - in the space, looking, or in the tight ball of the thoughts? Which one is more relaxing? Which one feels better?