Everything in the mind

Literally everything we experience, we experience through the mind. The good news is that the mind is 100% adaptable - we can change it. This means that if the world looks wonky then we can alter our mind to make it look a bit more super fantastic. You might not believe this is true but it is.

The first step in taking your mind under control is to see the mind at work - this is a bit tricky since we are using our minds all the time. One way is to take a step back, drop down and relax. Then relax some more until we are calm, and letting things go. Then, anything that appears in your awareness is the mind at work - marvel at its ability to twist and turn, to get lost, to create ideas, to get agitated, to make up stories, to see things, hear things, imagine things, feel things.

The mind is creating it all.


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