Saturate the body with happiness

Every month I like to give myself a little exercise or mantra to work with. This is what I am going to be exploring next month. The body is an amazing thing (also quite annoying when it goes wrong, but let's stick to the good bits) and it is chock full of nerves and sensations. Most of the time we ignore these things, and we can also numb them out by tensing our muscles. Unfortunately we are unconsciously tensing our muscles all the time, but if we relax we can open up to the full gamut of information coursing through our system. Initial attempts at relaxation can result in showering sensations of rapture or surging ecstasy, possibly even shaking and delicate tingling of pleasure. Once these subside we can fully relax into things and feel a deep sense of happiness in every cell of our body. If you wanted a feel good technique then this is it. It cures most poopoo  moods and sets you up nicely to experience the body as something akin to pure light.


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