Feeling the bias blind spot

The mind is very clever at doing things for us but it is ultimately operating in a world of its own - i.e. it is not seeing the world as it really is, just a constructed view of it. This constructed view is inherently full of flaws or delusions or tendencies to think in certain ways - cognitive biases.

I like cognitive biases because they remind me that I have been caught in some whirl of thinking that is not rational or balanced. The bias blind spot is when you operate under the assumption that you are not operating under any cognitive bias at all, but this is impossible. We are all operating under some form of interpretation of this world - one common analogy is that the fish cannot see the water it is swimming in, or another one might be the case where the eyeball cannot see itself. We all certainly have eyeballs but we'd be hard pressed to see it from the inside.

So first lesson in cognitive biases - we all have them and, if you have a constructed thought, you are operating within them in some form or another.


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