Be still

I have learned many, many techniques over the years but it's useful to remember that they are only techniques - they are tools that help get back to the open pastures of a calmly contented mind. The alternative is a reactive sense of functional helplessness.

Anyway, enough of that. This month I am using stillness as a focus. There is a great deal of pleasure in being still - silence, no movement, a sense of being present without being engaged, all that kind of stuff. One interesting thing to notice is what gets in the way of stillness? Why can't we just be still? Notice the resistance in the mind and then return to sense of silence. The mind will wander. Focus on no sound. Experienced practitioners will know the terroritory well but they will also know what lies beyond the tussle between the busy mind and the silence. The sense of release, of openness, of being fully together - calm, contented, clear, relaxed and basically happy.


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