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There is no consciousness in brain activity

The brain is a magical thing and consciousness is extra magic on top. Now, it turns out that consciousness is not a thing at all - it is an artifact, a ghost in the machine. One way to get to grips with this is to look at brain activity. Brain activity is a crazy rush of jumbled up lights - you can get an idea of the lights by relaxing your mind and having someone clap in your ears, or have someone punch you in the face, or have a spinal tap and have the nurse jolt one of the electrodes running down your spine. In these cases, you will get a blinding flash of light. There is no consciousness in these lights, they are just there, but they are most certainly your lights. Consciousness is formed after, in some other way.
Now, the next thing to look for is consciousness forming from the brain activity, like a shadow emerging from a sparkling mist of pure twinkliness. Then you might ask yourself, what am I? 
(I made a picture to represent what a flash of light might look like in case you …

Why do we do anything we do?

The answer to this is:

to feel good

You might like to think about that the next time you do something. Then the next question is:

did I know I was doing it to feel good?

The answer is probably not. You probably layered a thousand other explanations on top of your actions, but ultimately we are slaves to feeling good.

The final question is:

did the good feeling last?

Usually, not for very long. Which is a bummer.

Dealing with struggle

I have much to say about struggle but I decided to do a picture instead. 
Struggle is necessary in some ways, but pointless in others. Rehabilitation requires struggle but we also have to know our limits. It's a balancing act between two extremes - doing and not doing. Action and inaction. Being and not being. We test ourselves and we live in the consequences ...