How to get what you want without doing much

In my last post I suggested that if you wanted to change yourself you should do nothing and let change happen by itself. Now clearly people want to achieve certain things - be happier, thinner, better job, successful, and so on. We can be ruthless, driven and push ourselves hard but it comes with  a certain cost which I'm sure we can all identify. However this seems a bit more proactive than doing nothing.

So then, for those of you who still have things to achieve, there is a middle way. The way we behave and make choices in the world is largely unconscious and a learned behaviour. This is the first lesson - manipulate our unconscious reactions. The next thing to note is that as you change other people will change with you to accommodate the new you - in other words, change is possible.

Here's the practical part that makes it work. Do the relaxation I mentioned in the last post and then drop some intentions into your mind - I like myself, I want to be happy, I am confident. Visualise yourself as a happy, confident person (or whatever it is you want to be). You might think this is hogwash, but this is an extraordinarily successful technique. The mind is extremely sophisticated but it can be influenced by the simplest of words or images. This is how advertising works. This is why you should surround yourself with positive people and positive things. Cultivate the person you want to be.

The real change then happens by itself.


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