Thought experiment regarding transferring a person into a computer

This is a popular science fiction theme - man builds a computer, man transfers himself into the computer, the computer is him. This is an appealing fantasy but let's think it through. If I did it, which part of me would be transferred?

My memories - I don't really use them that much. They are generally horror stories so I wouldn't want them dragging me down in my computer wonderland.

My personality - this is hard to pin down. I respond differently to different people in different situations. Perhaps there is a true me in there somewhere, but which one is it. My personality also varies depending on my exhaustion, whether I stubbed my toe or not, and whether I managed to get what I want. I wouldn't want to take these in with me because most of them get on my nerves anyway.

My intellect - there is nothing special here.

My soul - by this, I mean the essence of me. The essence of me is derived from the world around me. The world is in me as much as I am in the world. In a sense I am already in computers as the information that surrounds us on the Internet - you can already find me in there, because the way we think is already there. There is nothing unique about me in that way.

So, realistically, there is nothing much worth transferring. I am who I am in the moment I'm in surrounded by the sensory world. This can't be transferred because it has already gone.


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