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Meditation reveals the flaws but is also generally blissful

I used to be a miserable man and I still am to a certain extent. Life seemed like an endless stream of broken promises, but let's not go there. Instead, let's focus on the upside - life is full of tremendous potential to be completely satisfying. How do we glimpse this satisfaction? Well, meditation is kind of a gateway. Unfortunately, meditation takes us on a journey and part of that journey is to see the flaws of what we have become - all the mean things, the greed, the hatred, the disappointment, the longing. Not so brilliant. These are the underlying currents that bring us unhappiness. They are the conflict, the root of our automatic thoughts. They are not us, just what we have learnt. If we persist with meditation we can get underneath this layer of  **** and start to reveal the true nature of our being, which is pretty decent. There is nothing wrong with us. We are blissful, at home. We have our slippers on and the dog is fed. You get the idea.

If we are lucky meditation…

The vast distance between you and yourself

It's there.

Embrace the contradiction. None of us perfect. We make it up on the spot and then spend hours trying to fix it. It's not a problem, it's a feature. 
Laughing is a wonderful cure,

Now what should I do with my life

So I've had the massive multi-year decade spanning illness and there's a galactic black hole in my cv and my children have nearly grown up and I'm left with the question: what next?

I'm sure something will turn up, but for now I'm kind of at that point. Adrift.

This is the reference moment.

The unbroken chain

There is sometimes a pleasant relief in realising that we are all part of an unbroken chain stretching back before the dinosaurs and into the misty soup of frothy bacteria. There is the fun in knowing that a few thousand generations ago your grandmother was a fish and that we are part of a fabric of life that is diverse and compelling. There is no will in this process, it is semi automatic, a wondrous machine that keeps on rolling because it can. We are alive for the briefest of moments, moving through the system. What we think is irrelevant. We are here, we are laughing, we are smiling and we are visible from space. What more could we want?