The multi-modal brain personality

I didn't quite know what to call this post, but I was in the library the other day reading a medical neuroscience tome and it was saying that different parts of the brain did different things - nothing new there ... Then it explained some cases where the left and right hemispheres had had their connections severed so that the left side of the brain could not talk to the right side of the brain (and vice versa). It then said that these people had two separate self identities. So left brain would decide to put some gloves but the right brain decided to take them off again. Left brain was enjoying reading a book (because that's what it's for) but right brain was bored (because it did not participate in reading).

Clearly, the idea that we are one person is more complicated than we might think. We are many different people competing for the right to be in charge. We are a fragmented whole.

Anyway, I thought that was quite interesting. What's even more interesting is that you can live quite successfully without being anybody - just let your body do it's thing all by itself.


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