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Exploration of pleasure and feeling good

Here is a deep and curious exploration that goes right to the core of our quest for happiness:

What is pleasure?

We may begin with the simple things - eating an orange, a fried egg, some toast. Things taste nice. We stroke our cheek, run a nail across our lips - things feel nice. Perhaps we become aware of a little release of niceness - some endorphins or oxytocin or dopamine, feel good brain chemicals. But still we wonder:

Why do they feel nice?

We might realise that 'nice' is a label that we assign to a particular sense experience - there is nothing intrinsically nice about the sense contact. We might realise that pain and pleasure are quite similar as sense contacts. It does not end there. The thought of a nice experience can become self sustaining - something pleasureable or satisfying. We can saturate ourselves in this chemical wash of satisfaction, but these are just labels we attach to physical experiences. There is just sublime contentment. We are not longer seeking p…

Does anything really happen?

The answer to this is no. Nothing really happens. Even if you think something has happened, your recall of what went on is not actually what may have happened, if indeed it ever happened at all. So relax, things change, we all move on. That thing we did ten years ago, no-one really cares now.

I was browsing through a book this afternoon that was talking about liquid society - our society where nothing stays still. Is a liquid society a perfect system for productivity? Is this rapid response culture changing the way we view ourselves as people?

I digress. We are details in this process, like little flowers.

Going deeper into relaxation

In the last post, I rambled on about getting relaxed. The are many stages to getting deeply, deeply relaxed - getting past nuisance thoughts is just the beginning. So, let's assume:
- you are relaxed - you follow a breath in, you follow it out, you don't get distracted - you rest between thoughts in an inviting sense of peace - you can follow ten cycles of breathing with ease - you are maintain an awareness of the breath in the whole body
You have options in this position. You can carry on just following the breath with the intention of letting - just keep letting go - until the body starts disappearing and the mind starts expanding. Or, you can tune into the sense of pleasantness that comes with relaxation. The in breath is pleasant because it brings a sense of energy, the out breath is pleasant because it brings an immensely feeling of relaxation and the pause in between is deeply peaceful. This sense of pleasure will grow the more you focus on it and it will feel like you ar…