The common thoughts of human beings

I was reading the work of Levi-Strauss (the anthropologist, not the Jean maker) and his attempts to find common essence of human thought across different tribes and cultures. If we look at our own minds, it is possible to see the construction of thought but the contents of those thoughts and how they relate to society are complex - clearly the way we think is a cultural phenomenon and culture is a  thing all of its own outside of our individual selves. Do we try to understand this thing or do we let it go? How do we engage with it? 

Well, I'm not sure. You can gauge the well being of a society by the culture it produces - the music, the art, the way it expresses form. It is a complex language and it shapes how we think. Now, you could spend a long time investigating this but the key thing to recognise is that The thoughts it produces in Us are something we do not directly control. However, how we react to these thoughts and how we shape future thoughts is something we are responsible for and we should bear this in mind as we engage with the world. How we act, speak and the things we do - these are the building blocks of feeling good in our minds and the minds of those around us. 


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