Rapunzel wisdom and the mind

I'm using wisdom here as 'seeing what is going on'. It turns out that once you can see something (in your mind) and name it, then it no longer has the same power over you. Hazar! Therefore, once we understand a little bit more about how our mind works then we learn to loosen up a little and things don't seem so bad. That's why people keep writing self help books and why scientists go through a life of bearded bliss trying to figure things out so we can understand what is going on.

So then, what are the basic wisdom nuggets regarding our minds? What can we name?

1. We are not our thoughts. This comes through loud and clear. They are mind processes.

2. Feelings, thoughts and the environment shape each other. If you can see this, then you have made a significant step into wisdom.

3. We can't control what happens, but we can learn to control our responses.

4. We can control who we associate with, how we feather our nest, what we do in life and how we choose to spend our free time, what we read, watch and listen to. Here, we find the levers for happiness and feeling good.

That's probably enough wisdom for one day. c4yourself (that doesn't mean blow yourself up, rather see for yourself). It's there for the taking.


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