Lojong mind training

I appeared to have ended up in the world of mind training and it's a good way of keeping the mind away from the dark side. You can invent your own system, but you could also just adopt something like the lojong mind training phrases - they are fairly comprehensive but some of them require some extra curricular knowledge to know what they are going on about. In essence, your mind training program should cover :

- a body mind technique like meditation or yoga or tai chi
- a pointer to the unborn / zero mind
- positive reinforcement
- wise behaviour
- an expanded, no self sense of the world
- wholesome thoughts

Hmm, that's probably enough.

You might think that you don't need mind training because it seems to working just fine as it is. However, there's more to life than what your mind is giving you. You don't want to miss the other marvellous things on offer, do you?


Pali said…
Thanks for this. Im only just beginning to really see what I thought was 'real' is not.....meet up again soon?

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