The thing underneath it all

Investigation is a good way to blow your mind. We inquire into something, like 'who am I', and we go to very, very interesting places - which is quite handy if you can't get out much.

So let's go somewhere interesting:

- I have a mind. I see things, hear things, think things.
- I can hear a sound and not think about it. Just sounds, coming and going.
- The same with thoughts and sights - although your eyes might go funny and things might disappear
- We might recognise the movement of the mind to recognise things. 
- We might recognise the mind just letting things go
- We might see the activity of the mind. Coloured lights or other speckled rushes.
- if we hang out there, we let go.
- we might see our self forming out of this activity
- we might see awareness forming
- we might not bother to have any awareness form. We are just a light thing.
- now, we might sense that there is a fabric of reality underlying all this activity. It's what everything is made of - the thing beneath it all
- if you've got this far in my post, well done
- there's a sense that if we go there, we go beyond the normal bounds, we go to other
- we hang back, we don't want to go bonkers. It's something we'll come back to


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