Allow thoughts to go unfinished

Here's quite a nice thing to do. It seems to work best first thing in the morning or when you're totally relaxed - basically when the mind has enjoyed some moments of silence.

So, the mind is silent. There's an urge to think, the thoughts appear. They are the same old thoughts but there is an urge to find the "solution" to them, to resolve them. You think: once they are resolved then you'll be able to move on or deal with the thoughts promptly when they return a few minutes later. (Look closely and you may find the inherent pleasure of this type of activity). Anyway, let's not go that far. Do this instead:

- the thought arises
- you're relaxed, you are able to see it coming
- the thought is not that urgent (you've seen them all before)
- let the thought go unfinished
- drop back into the relaxed space
- tune in to the pleasure of what you have just done

Keep going until it's time to go back to bed - the world will be a better place.


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