Is success a good thing?

I ask this question because I was once successful and now I am not in the game anymore I still mix with successful people and I see what they are going through and there is a great struggle going on - they achieve a lot but they have to give so much of themselves away. I also see health time bombs waiting to go off, and it raises questions about how great a successful career is.

 Should we aspire for something better? 


peepo said…
Great post! I guess it's easy for the ego to get wrapped up in things, and for the striving for something "over there" that will finally "make me happy". If makes a plan consciously though, without pinning futures happiness on their successful conclusion, could this just be a great way to play?
Lightfoot said…
Your comment reminded me of a section of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse where the hero (who has mastered calmness) decides to play at business. Since he is detached (and playing), he becomes very successful at it. Then he forgets that he is playing and becomes attached and consumed by his success and the rewards it brings ...

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