Warm breeze, cool breeze

It can be quite an interesting experiment to work out what we are. The main conclusion is that most of the time we live in an invented reality that is a kind of useful way of negotiating with fellow humans but has no ultimate function. I think ancient peoples knew this well.

Anyway, let's break it down the Buddhist way.

1 - we have a body, meat and bones. It sends messages to a central nervous system.
2 - we experience sensations of pleasantness and unpleasantness 
3 - we have a kind of distributed body-heart mind that experiences primitive things
4 - there are things in the mind

The second one is quite interesting because it drives our unconscious behaviour. For example, if there is a warm breeze we feel pleasant - life is good, we are relaxed. This pleasant feeling is something we desire all the time - it's why I go to coffee shops and restaurants all the time, it makes me feel good (unless I go to a mean spirited place, in which case I feel kind of unfortunate). This pleasant seeking behaviour goes on constantly! 

Now, the opposite is when we experience a cool breeze (which is quite a lot at the moment). It does not feel pleasant and I want to go inside to defrost my face and drink a cup of tea. Perhaps I feel a bit less than generous after coming in from the cold. Unconsciously, I am trying to avoid even the tiniest experience of unpleasantness- it is aggravating. I want just want nice things all the time. 

As an aside, someone once did an experiment where they gave guests warm drinks and cold drinks on first meeting them. The ones who received the warm drinks recorded a more favourable impression than those who received the cold drinks - so if you can condition behaviour just by manipulating this pleasant / unpleasant in other people.

This is just the beginning. If you explore this pleasant / unpleasant in yourself you will discover many things but that is enough for now. See it and notice how it makes you do things...


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