Positive psychology movement revisited

I was half way through my post yesterday - had to go and make dinner and then I forgot about it...

Anyway, I'm getting on a bit now (not that old but old enough to sound like an old person when I talk to students) and I can sense a shift in the atmosphere of the world - there's a new generation who want to achieve things! Interestingly, they don't know how mechanical the world used to be, and they have completely bought into this digital-always-connected paradigm. And they don't seem to mind.

Now, these are exciting times. This new generation can take the ball and run with it. One thing that is emerging is the positive psychology movement which is like a little flower of awareness that is opening, helped in due course by mindfulness, etc. Interestingly, if you go on tumblr or twitter you get a blast of positive psychology back in the face, which is kind of nice. There's a kind of bubble of positivism moving through the Internet - this is creating a kind of awareness that is spreading through old fashioned media and even into my mum and dads house, which seems a but incongruous.

Together with this, we have mobile devices that are everywhere and these devices can deliver highly personalized solutions to our problems. They can act as platforms to cultivate a positive state of mind. The use of this technology will in turn create a sense of collective knowledge on how to deal with situations. This information can then feed into the next generation of applications or web platforms and we'll enter into a very interesting place indeed.

Basically, anything can be dealt with and these things will tell us how to do it.  


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