The paradox of existence

So then, we might like to ourselves - "how do I engage with life and feel good at the same time?" No-one can escape the inevitable difficulties we will all encounter, but let's not let that stop us from being jolly young things.

I'm not going to get through the entire philosophy of suffering and freedom in one blog post, other than to say that we live in a paradoxical situation - nothing matters and yet things do matter. Or, nothing really happens but, clearly, things do happen. This paradox is life (as in being a living creature). We are living things that go through life and die at the end of it (at some random point) - this is important to us. We also have needs - friends, family, a sense of purpose, a sense of home. These all matter. At the time, nothing really happens and it's not really important - all of us will be forgotten at some point. Everything will be gone. 

Here's the trick. We have to embrace the paradox. Things matter and do not matter all at the same time. We love things but we are not attached to them. We let go of outcomes but we care about the process. Things will change and disappear - we will grieve for them, but we know that this is the law of everything. We let it go. We live in the middle somewhere, facilitators of the boundless truth that connects us all.


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