Turning towards happiness

I attend a small meditation group and we have been reading a certain book that shall remain unnamed that, by and large, focuses on suffering and difficulty. I'm going to fast forward over my opinions but, for me personally, it gets a bit grim looking at the harder aspects of life all the time. Suffering is there, life is brutal, and it's good to know that there's no magic unicorn land waiting for us even if we can just do the right thing in the right way at the right time. Let's forget all that, let's file it under 'hard truths' and move on. (There is a way of working through suffering but we'll leave that for now).

So then, over to the other side. Happiness.

Happiness also exists. It comes and goes (you might have noticed), but it is definitely there. We get happy if we go for a massage and have a nice meal. We get happy if we think happy thoughts. AND, we get happy for no real reason other than we are simply wonderful. Let's have some of that.

So, acknowledge the crap bits (suffering).

Then, recognize the good bits (happiness).

Pay attention to the good bits - watch the causes, see them come and go.

Learn to relax into the good bits.

Let go into the happiness.

And well, see where that takes you.


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