Two paths of meditation

Learning to meditate is fairly straightforward - we sit, we relax, we find an object for our mind to focus on and then we see what happens. This is the same for everyone - it's what we see that tends to develop over time - this is called insight.

Before we get there, we have two paths we might like to follow to get our minds under control. We can choose mindfulness or we can opt for samadhi (tranquility or concentration meditation). One path is the dry path and the other path is the wet path - I'll let you figure out which is which. Mindfulness requires paying relaxed attention to what is going on whereas samadhi is the skill of bringing the mind and body into a single unified experience of being and then letting go into progressively funky states of mind. 

For now, see what happens when you meditate. Next time I will look at the five obstacles and six hindrances - the things that you will find your mind enjoying day in day out.


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