We are all thinking the same thoughts

The older I get, the more I realise we are all thinking the same thoughts (mainly because we are living in the same world). This has become even clearer with the widespread adoption of social media - in fact, we are so samey it almost becomes boring. This is perhaps a good thing - you might also like to play with the idea that we are all variations of one person.

Anyway, we receive broadly similar stimuli and broadly the same thoughts pop into our heads. From there, our particular conditioning shapes what we do next - we verbalise, we internalise, we blame, we love, we forgive - all these responses is what philosophers have been mulling over ever since they had a chance to wonder about such things. It turns out that our responses are governed by our early life conditions and whether we were raised poor or with abundance. Not surprisingly, if you were raised poor then your response is generally not going to be as positive as someone who was raised with plenty - but let's not go there today.

Ultimately, it's not you that is producing the thoughts even though you think you are. Indeed, you are not really there much at all. Think about that.


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