Exploring unhindered awareness

It turns out that the ultimate feel good technique is to find a state of peace and equanimity and just hang out there. Thoughts pop up every now and again but they are not bothersome, we tolerate just about anything, and we can work up some kundalini excitement whenever we feel like it or we can disappear into a state of nothingness. However, we are not zombies - we still do what we need to do but we are clear why we are doing it and what needs to be done.

So then, it seems as if I am nearing the end of this feel good journey, but I've said that before. The final piece of the puzzle is the exploration of unconditioned awareness - that is to say, the presence that exists in each moment of knowing. This where it gets tricky - you can't investigate awareness because it is not something in the mind, but something that arises to illuminate each moment in the mind - a bit like dust particles and light beams or a rainbow. This kind of awareness is the fabric of physical reality interacting with our brains. #

So how do we investigate it?

Good question.


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