After you've transcended yourself

In my last post, I suggested that somewhere there is a state of mind that transcends happiness or sadness and you can be quite content with the sparkles of existence, enjoying the flowers or the weeds at the side of a road or whatever else lights up the mind. You might think, this is it, I'm finished, but you are not done yet. The world will draw you back and, if you are not vigilant, the old mental patterns will creep in and before you know it you'll be eating cake and drinking strong coffee while checking your phone every ten minutes for the latest message. However, it's not as bothersome as before because you have the other perspective to refer back to, but it still feels like 'you' are back.

So then, you have climbed the mental Everest and now you're back where you started, just with a little sun tan from all the bright lights beaming out of your inner eye. What next? Well, dust yourself off and do it all again. It's a training. Keep training and new things will keep unfolding.In Buddhism, you have the ten fetters to explore - this reveals how difficult it is to actually change who you are.

It's a new year but it's the same you even if you fly to the moon and back.


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