Feel good techniques twitter bot

I've been interested in words and language for a long time now, and specifically how it shapes our minds and behaviour. When we are exposed to certain language patterns, or words, we can shift our mood and the way we think. (There is one story that suggests a single word could unravel your mind in an instant - so beware.) Here's a an interesting ted talk about it.

Anyway, enough chitter chatter. I've been creating various apps (inbetween bouts of illness and doing too much) that attempt to cultivate positive mind states and I've been playing with a twitter bot recently to do a similar sort of thing. You can see some of its tweets mixed in with some of mine on @lightmanmumu - I've trained it on this blog and have taught it to build random positive statements. So, theoretically, it is tweeting the essence of feel good techniques.

For those of you interested, it runs on a raspberry pi and has been coded in python.


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