The fantastical feel good loop

We are all the same really, it's just the implementation that is different. Forget your individual implementation for a moment, and recognise that we all have a brain and central nervous system that is ticking away in the background - I'm pretty sure it all looks the same underneath the bonnet. Now, in the same way, the underlying nature of the mind is pretty similar - that is to say that it is luminous and a glorious thing.

What's this got to do with the title? Well, there are techniques that allow you to uncover this brilliantly lumnious mind of ours - I've explored vipassana style meditation techniques in particular - but there's a kind of dance that goes on. We put some effort in (of the right kind), we expose a particular facet of the mind, we relax our effort, the specifics of our life kick in and we drift back into a place that is not particularly glorious.

To summarise: we make effort -> we have a peak experience -> we return to base camp -> we start over again

Each time we start again, we are subtly different from the first time we started - we know things and we have seen the view from the mountain tops with our own eyes.

Currently, I am in base camp and I know what I have to do to cultivate a sense of well being. I have a set of steps I can follow (and have followed in the past) that I know bring a lot of pleasantness and relief into my life. You can probably work out what they are by sifting through my blog, but I'll be doing them again and I'll record them here again so you know exactly what I am doing.

There is joy, rapture, tranquility, unfathomable delight, nothingness, and the wonder of the mind doing it's thing.


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