Thoughts have a direct effect on the body - try it now

The mind and body are bound together like flour and butter in a bechemel sauce. If you don't believe it then read on.

Here's a quick story you might like to read:

It's a Sunday morning and you're scheduled to visit your parents who live a 30 minute drive away down a major road. They wanted you to be there for 12 at the latest but there was problem getting the kids ready and it's already 11.50. Anyway, getting the children into the car is like trying to catch a bar of soap in the bath, and you finally set off at 12. Although it doesn't matter that you're late there's a sense that you need to get on with it so you drive faster than you normally would. You get on the main road and put your foot down. Everyone in the car senses the tension but you're locked in to the urge to get moving. You pass under a bridge and as you look in the rear view mirror you see a police car parked above with a man holding a speed gun. You check your speed but it's too late, you know you've been caught.

Notice how your body is feeling. Perhaps you feel slightly tense. Perhaps you're holding your breath a little more than you should be doing.

Here's another story:

It's a Sunday morning and you wake up to a beautiful blue sky and a song thrush sitting on a fence at the bottom of the garden. There's nothing much to do and the beach is only 30 minutes drive away. You pack the children into the car for a surprise day out and everyone is excited and smiling. You put on your sunglasses and take a relaxing drive to the beach with some music playing that everyone seems to enjoy. It's a secluded beach and there are only a few people there. You set up on the warm sand and spend the rest of the day relaxing. Irritating things happen but it's no big deal; the sun is shining and the ocean is a shimmering blue. You go for a swim, you play games, you have a picnic. It's just nice to spend a day winding down in the warm sunshine.

Perhaps you feel slightly different. The interesting thing here is how immediate the effect is of thoughts on the body (and that's just through reading a story). So now we ask ourselves, what do we fill our minds with day after day - beach thoughts or dread thoughts? Then we might ask, what can we do about it? What are you thinking about right now? Is it good? I hope so.


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