Three breaths mind experiment

You might like to try this short but illuminating experiment. Resolve in your mind that will observe your breathing for 10 breaths. Pick an area of your body where you will be able to observe your breath; the belly is a good place. Close your eyes and start observing. Breathe in, breathe out, count one. Now see how far you get before your mind wanders off. Did you get past three?

Invariably we seem to lose our focus after one, two or three breaths. This is the momentum of our everyday mind railroading the processes of our mind and body. It is fired up and churning through the all the things it needs to churn through. We might think this is who we are, this compulsive thinking engine, but this is just one state of mind that we seem to operate under as a default - there are other states of mind.

This is the beginning point for meditation. We try to open a window behind the everyday mind and alter our default state of mind to something less demanding. We try to unlock our habitual process of being.


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