A month of meditation

Here's what I'm going to be doing over the next month in the spirit of meditation training. Generally I'll be following this typical meditation sequence every day:

- Scan through the body, relaxing muscles, breathing into tension
- Get the body relaxed and establish awareness of the whole body
- Breathe into the whole body - this is very refreshing
- Join the body, mind and breath together - this means I feel the breath and body in my mind - I'm not thinking about anything else
- Once I've reached this point I feel like I've cleaned out the rubbish and I can relax into the next bit
- If I'm still a bit jazzed, I'll do four elements or body parts for a few cycles
- Next I'll switch to mindfulness of breathing - watching the breath come in and go out again. Just a simple practice
- I'll maybe count my breaths just to ensure I'm not deluding myself  - 1 to 10 then back down again
- I'll do this until it is time to do something else

Also during this period I'll be doing a day long meditation retreat and maintain a regular practice with a sitting group. I'll also be working on everyday mindfulness of movement and changes to postures. I'll do mindfulness of vedana, mind states and acknowledge any other things that may come up/

After I've done all that, I'll tell you about jhanas before doing more detailed insight practice. Then when we get through all that you'll be telling me what to do.


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