The gradual path

I thought I'd jot down some of things I've encountered on the gradual path of mind training. This is probably why most people don't bother...

Practice daily
Observe the body (repeat)
Observe the senses (repeat)
Practice eating
Practice listening
Observe sounds
Notice pain
Notice pleasure
Observe moods
Observe thoughts
Bare attention
Clear comprehension
Observe the breath
Notice tension
Notice relaxation
The relaxation moment
The in breath
The out breath
The resting moment
Notice the whole body
Relax the whole body
Allow pleasure
Notice wanting
Notice anger
Notice anxiety
Notice doubt
Notice weariness
Thoughts are not you
Behind thinking
The observing mind
Observe patterns
Observe reactivity
Accepting you don't know
Going deeper
Wandering mind
Mental proliferation
Calming the body
Calming the mind
Notice (5 elements)
Notice (32 body parts)
Notice initial attention
Notice sustained attention
Notice pleasure
Notice bliss
Notice unified mind
Notice hatred
Notice love
Notice greed
Notice delusion (circular thinking)
Be happy
Be calm
Be good
Be generous
Be forgiving
Move on to wisdom
Thoughts are not truth
Notice (5 aggregates)
Accepting things as they are
Let go
Arising and passing away
Notice 6 senses
The first noble truth
The second truth
Third truth
Four truth
The three doors
Expand your mind
Noble silence
Infinite space
Infinite mind
Neither perception or not
Sustained cessation
The mind is everything
Observing the formation of mind
Freedom from mind
Resting in sublime equanimity


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