I started this blog in 2006ish when I thought I was going to die. I didn't die and I'm still blogging because I'm still finding stuff out and I enjoy typing things into my computer. (I'm nearly better in case you were wondering).

Mostly I'm into meditation. Meditation alleviates stress and this helps with a wide range of problems so I'd recommend doing some form of meditation every day.

Through meditation I learned how to understand the mind. This is a massive bonus in your life if you can figure this out - I'd recommend vipassana meditation for this (and reading loads of books). The other way in is through the massive mindfulness industry that seems to have popped up.

I also learned how to derive pleasure from just being myself. This helps with depression, anxiety, insomnia and being a pain in the arse. You can use deep relaxation and samadhi meditation techniques for this.

I'm also into art, music and nature. I don't know why but I just love these things. Anyway, I'm on twitter (@lightmanmumu) and I'm a real person, so if you want to ask me something please do.

You might also find some recipes on this blog too. I like eating healthy, vegetarian food mainly and cakes.

Other than that, good luck and stay healthy (believe me, you want to stay healthy). Thanks.


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