Welcome to a world of happiness, peace and relaxation. Everyone is welcome here.


On this site you will find techniques that will make you a happier and healthier person (feel good techniques). In general, there are four things you can work with:

1. The body
2. The mind
3. The external activity of your life
4. The things you consume

I'm a meditation fanatic and I've spent a long time working on the mind so you'll find lots of information about meditation and dealing with reactivity on this site. If you are willing to put the work in, meditation will help you in many ways.

Learn to meditate

I also like eating and use diet to keep healthy so there are a growing list of recipes to choose from.

Pumpkin soup

Other than that, there's an assortment of things that I've found useful over the years. In short, learn to relax and you will be a lot happier. Make relaxation your goal. You may find help doing these things on here somewhere.

And finally, here's a doodle:

doodle 65

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