You can do it! Think a positive thought, make a positive intention.

Look for the positive in all things. Make positive thoughts your new friend; invite them in.

Just saying it makes a difference

Find a positive thing in your mind right now. If you are a bit stuck, try coming to your senses.

Remember, use some positive affirmations: I feel brilliant.

Overcome negative bias in your thinking. Recognize positive moments in your day and try to sustain them in your mind for as long as possible.

Cultivate a sense of wonder: start with the Universe

If need something a little more effortless, try listening to a guided meditation to gladden the mind. You might be surprised by the results.

A positive mind is a mind that is open and able to see what is truly important - it's not about being chirpy all day long. Cut through delusion, be ready to help, don't hold on to crap and be the best you can be.

If you want to read more about happiness, here's a search link for happy things on this blog. Click on it and be happy.