The relaxation palace

Welcome to the relaxation palace! A work in progress ...

I am interested in affective computing: that is to say, using computer technology to induce emotions in ourselves. In particular, I'm interested in the ability to induce positive emotions and alter the way the mind views reality: you can do this with meditation, but I want to create a virtual palace of relaxation techniques that will induce the same thing. It's going to be tricky doing it in a blog but I'll have a go.

There are various stages to relaxation and I'll put together experiences for each stage.

Stage 1 - Purification 

The first stage is to reduce stimulation and negative energies in your life: we call this purification. One of the best ways to purify your mind is to connect with nature.

Let's start off relatively empty:

Let's go on to the downs and listen to the skylarks

We'll explore further natural archetypes that will clear the mind and bring us deeper into ourselves.

Stage 2 - Connection 

The next stage is to connect your mind to a relaxation object. Your mind is already calm but now we need to unify mind and body so that we fully engage with relaxation.

Stage 3 - The relaxation palace

Here we create the virtual world of the relaxation palace. This allows us to explore various techniques that take us deeper into a sense of letting go.

Stage 4 - Rejuvenation

Here we leave the palace behind and explore deep relaxation that leads to healing and rejuvenation. It's a natural thing and it feels pretty good.

The rest is coming soon, ahem.

When I get the chance.

Honestly, I will do it one day.