Stage 3 - heartmind and equanimity

This is the third stage in the meditation series on the stages of anapanasati breathing meditation - if you want to go deeper into meditation then this is how to do it. I'm assuming you know that it's best to sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Before we begin, it's perhaps wise to attempt to define the word mind in these instructions. Mind refers to the wider aspect of your mind that encompasses your heart and body, and not your mental processes.

1. Establish a unified body and mind as best you can (use the other stages to get here). There can be thoughts but you'll not be attached to them.

2. Soak in a unified state for about 15 minutes.

3. As you breathe in and out, notice the mind (the heart mind). Know that you recognise the mind as a greater part of yourself and that it is distinct from your thoughts.

4. As you breathe in and out, gladden the mind (the heart). Allow a faint smile to cross your lips and feel compassion towards yourself and everything you've ever come across. Be glad that you are able to do this thing. Be happy. Soak in contentment and gladness. Be a friend to the universe.

5. Now, establish samadhi - this is a calm, contented mind. It is a distinct state of mind that is very stable and open and pure. Know that you are in samadhi.

6. Rest in samadhi for as long as you can and then surrender into the deep silence of your being. It will feel very, very quiet. Let go, surrender, release yourself. This may just happen and it's best just to let it go.

And then bring yourself back into the room. You may like to reflect on your meditation and what you may have experienced - better to do it after rather than in the middle.


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